How Video Game Wholesalers Allowed a $6/hr Hospital Security Guard To Turn $200 into a 6 Figure Cash Empire with the Help of Video Game Dropshippers! …and why he is taking a small number of people like you under his wing to start their own money making video game businesses, but for reasons you may not expect… Click Play button to listen to a personal message from Ryan aka the “Video Game Godfather”…Alternative content Date: June 6, 2016 From: Video Game Godfather (retired, verifiable six figure online video game seller – see proof below) To: Future Video Game Seller, Dear Gamer, If you are searching for a way of making more money… or God forbid, if you are anywhere close to where I was financially a few years ago, I suggest you STOP EVERYTHING immediately and pay very close attention. What I am about to tell you will change everything you ever thought you knew about making money at home. If you ever dreamed of making an excellent income from home and you enjoy video games, then you and I need to become fast friends. If you will give me a few minutes of your time, I will show you hard proof that every single word on this page is absolutely true. You’re going to be amazed and excited at the same time. Excited when you see the opportunity for you to do the same thing. Whether you want to make a few hundred a month or a few hundred thousand in sales a month, what I have here is a cut and paste system that will put you in the driver’s seat of a scalable video game business cash machine. You see, for the last several years I have used a method of making money online that is so consistent, so easy, so entirely powerful yet most people aren’t even taking advantage of it. I am not talking about affiliate marketing, Adwords, eBooks, articles or anything of the sort. You see, I am talking about actual products that sell themselves on autopilot after implementing a few “underground” and extremely powerful techniques and methods that I will get to in a minute. $272,894.34 in 30 Days! Video game sellers are thriving because video games are one of the very few items that people tend to spend more money on during slow economic times because it is cheaper than “out-of-the home” entertainment alternatives. I will show you a way to make obscene cash selling video games online that only a handful of “elite” in the know individuals use to rake in 6 to 7 figures per year by legally “swiping” thousands in sales from the “big-box” sites… This was a great month (December of course ?? – Unfortunately, most other months are less than half of this, but a quick quarter mil in one month feels pretty damn good! The holiday season represents typically a minimum of about double the volume of any other time of the year. These days, more and more people crave video games. In fact, the gaming business has matured into a $68 billion dollar per year industry. The demand for video game products like XBox One, Nintendo Wii-U, and Sony PS4 is actually higher than the demand for Hollywood! What’s more, is that the gaming industry is still growing. Besides the great money, the best thing about the video game business, is how entirely simple it is. You don’t need any special training, education, knowledge of programming or websites. You don’t even need to know anything about video games, but it’s always nice if you enjoy them. Once you start, it will only require between five to ten hours of work per week. How do I know all of this? Very easy, I have been in the video game industry since 1996 and have sold literally millions of dollars worth of video games. It wasn’t always so easy though. What’s Up With The Name? Who In the World Is The Video Game Godfather? Well there is a story behind it. In short, that’s me but please allow me to introduce myself. I am still getting used to it, but most of my contacts in the video game business have decided to nickname me the ‘Video Game Godfather.” Kind of a silly name I know but just for the record, I am clearly not a some mafia guy or anything, it’s only a nickname! LOL! Who I am is an internet marketer with extensive experience in the video game industry in particular, selling games online. I have a very good reason for wanting to help you do the same as I will soon explain. I am embarrassed to tell you this, but not long ago, I felt like a complete loser. I was by no means, an internet guru or marketing genius. I was not some hotshot out of business school. Actually it was quite the opposite… Working the graveyard shift at the local hospital as a security guard making $6 per hour, my wife and I lived paycheck to paycheck in our one bedroom apartment. We shared an old clunker car that ran about half of the time. In my humble beginnings I guess I had just been in my own little world for so long growing my business from scratch, I took for granted what it was that I had accomplished. The big-name online video game stores certainly know me well since I continue to send them my students in the form of ruthless competitors. Our Idea of a Night Out On The Town Was a Trip to The Seven Eleven For a Big Swig. Some days I would turn the ringer off just to ignore the never ending stream of bill collector calls. During that time, I craved so badly to find a better way. I dreamed of making a living selling video games. But instead, I wasted hundreds of dollars on the latest money making and get rich quick schemes. You know the ones. Nothing seemed to work. It seemed the harder I worked, the more money I lost. Working my ass off and just falling farther behind. I was about to throw in the towel on the whole idea of being my own boss until what happened next… Let’s get to the point here. What I am about to tell you WILL definitely change everything you ever thought you knew about internet marketing or selling online. Soon you will understand why I am so driven to continue to debunk the top online video game stores and continue to legally divert their profits to people like you and I. After what I have been through in my years in the video game industry, I feel that becoming a Robin Hood of sorts, is simply my natural calling. Believe me, you will understand after reading my story…I have a score to settle and you will soon see why. What Happened Next Would Change Everything Forever…But Not How You Think While venturing down to the local grocery store one day, I ran into an old friend I hadn’t seen since high school. At first I thought this was a good thing. When I saw him, he was driving a brand new car and told me he just bought his mom one too. He told me he had an online store, but I couldn’t believe it. Could there really be that much money in selling one type of product online? A few weeks and a few conversations later I decided to follow in my friend’s footsteps. To be honest, it all sounded too good to be true. Like anything else, it had to have a catch. And just as I suspected, I was right as I will soon explain. I decided to start my own online business selling video games! I scrounged some money together by taking my CD collection and TV to the pawn shop. They gave me just under $200. With the money, I started a website and bought some video games to sell. I even had a dropshipper lined up from some list I bought online. That way I could dropship all the high ticket items. It all sounded good, but little did I know, I was in for a nasty surprise… it was about to get ugly! I was so excited because I just started promoting my website. I started getting some sales and I was stoked! I couldn’t wait to even make a fraction of the money my friend was! I would be able to actually pay all my bills on time and have a little extra money. Surely that wouldn’t be too much to ask, right? Figuring it was time to get serious, I made an appointment with an accountant. My Excitement Soon Turned Into A Near Lethal Dose of Disappointment After showing the accountant my records, the accountant told me something that still angers me to this day. “My advice for you is to keep your job…Some people just aren’t cut out for business, and that’s okay.” Can you believe the nerve of this guy?! Humiliated and full of self doubt, I politely thanked him for his advice and left his office (tail between my legs). But, inside, I knew better. Right then, I made a promise to myself to never become like those greedy, paranoid gurus that are too scared to help anyone because they may lose a few cents that year. If someone needed help I would help. I have seen karma in action. You simply get what you give. Besides, in a 68 Billion Dollar Industry, there is no need for greed. There is plenty of room for millionaires. Did you know the video game industry outsells Hollywood? In fact, video games out sell music AND movies combined. That includes ticket sales, DVD, CD, Mp3 download services and other forms of media!Warning: The $68 Billion Dollar a Year Video Game Business is Full of Greedy Dirtbags! To make matters worse, I learned that all my dropshipper suppliers were actually competing with me behind my back! Sneaking around under different business names online they secretly snuffed my sales! So a word of advice: I can not emphasize this enough, avoid those wholesale lists you see for sale online like the plague! Don’t trust those so-called ‘secret dropshipper lists’ you see being pitched online! After learning the hard way and making other costly mistakes.. I drudged on… You know those ‘great’ dropshipper and video game supplier lists you see for sale all over the internet? After being betrayed by my own suppliers and losing thousands of dollars to their trickery, i quickly learmed to avoid those ‘great’ wholesale video game supplier lists like the plague! So I kept thinking, why are those gurus so damned greedy? The more I thought about it, the more I began to realize that I was on my own. I made a conscious decision in that moment do whatever it takes to make it, and make it big in the video game business and I would help anyone else who wanted it as bad as I did. Games are what I loved, and if no one will help, I would do it myself. I decided then to start taking notes of everything I had learned to that point. Someday I would develop a system for those interested in prying themselves into the video game industry. Unfortunately for me, I did not have any secret weapons up my sleeve at that time… Pissed Off and Motivated by Sheer Desperation, I Steamrolled My Way Into The Video Game Industry… I was done asking for help. Have you ever noticed when you ask for someone’s opinion on a business, they somehow always find a way to talk you out of it? I was done asking for help or seeking approvals. I WOULD figure this out on my own…one way or another! Looking back, I sincerely wish I would have had some help, but, finding a willing person that actually knows anything viable and useful, is next to impossible. If I could stay afloat long enough to crack their marketing code to huge online success, I knew I could duplicate it. I was getting so close, and in my mind giving up was never an option. I was so close to bankruptcy, I had to figure something out quickly… Then I remembered something an old friend told me: “the only secret to success is persistence.” He told me “That’s why someday you will be a millionaire, because you are so damned stubborn!” He was right, I wasn’t about to give up, if for nothing more than to piss off the whole industry by letting their secrets loose to anyone who had a drive to get in the game business! A $68 billion dollar industry can afford it, believe me. I wasn’t hurting anyone. And as far as I was concerned those backstabbing dropshippers were spoiled with too MUCH marketshare anyway. They were about to pay the ultimate price. I guess karma is a bitch… I eventually figured out a secret method the big-dogs were using against us and still are using against practically every mom and pop video game business out there. Now it was my turn, I swiftly turned the tables on them and used their own tricks against them. Devastating their sales, I started taking over their marketshare at an alarming rate. Now the “good” video game wholesale vendors were calling MY phone. You know, the ones that AREN’T on every Tom, Dick and Harry’s Wholesaler/Dropshipper’s lists… They were begging to do business with me! They could smell the volume I was doing and wanted a piece of it! I could hardly believe it…my little video game business was outselling the big boys in so many areas it wasn’t even funny. Sometimes I had to rub my eyes to remind myself that it wasn’t a dream. I really did it! My days of struggling with idea after costly idea only to lose more money were finally over! I finally found a way to make tons of cash doing something absolutely I loved – VIDEO GAMES! The Sleaze Ball Backstabbing Suppliers Wondered Why “Their Business Was So Slow?” After Trying to “Prod” Me For More Information, I Decided, “It Was Time to Finish Them Off!” As far as the original dropshippers (the ones that turned against me), they phoned me too. What did they want? They wanted to ask how business was because they were very slow. In other words, they wanted to know if it was just them, or was it slow everywhere. USING THEIR TACTICS AGAINST THEM, I PITCHED THEM A CURVE BALL THEY COULDN’T RETURN! We were too busy. So damned busy I could hardly keep up, $272,894.34 in sales in thirty days to be exact!!! They prodded me for information on where I was selling and how we were selling so much. I revealed NOTHING. I told them I was too busy to talk and asked if they could call me back. At that very awkward moment, I made a decision. I wanted to ensure that I would hold the door open to anyone wanting in the video game business and even help them bring their bags in. Some of my visitors passes for CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and e3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) (the largest video game convention in the world) e3 is absolutely amazing but only open to people in the gaming business. You will love this! It’s just that I took a huge personal offense to BEING LIED TO by practically every dropshipper and wholesaler supplier I dealt with for the first few years in business! I never wanted anyone to have to go through the pain and the financial hurt of learning this tricky and elusive business that hard way like I did. Download the Video Game Godfather e-Course Now! After making well into seven figure sales with my online video game empire, I am offically retired from it, I hope you have fun putting the hurt on the big dogs with my secret tactics. I know I did! I have revealed every trick in the book so you can crush your competitors and own the market. I have revealed everything I know for you in my new underground Video Game Godfather Course. Don’t worry, everything inside is 100% legal, but it’s hard to believe it when you see my deadly tactics in action. These are closely guarded video game industry secrets the big .com’s don’t want you to know. Imagine starting an online video game store and within just a short time having bragging rights to six figure monthly sales. What would it be like to be able to buy the things you want and need without worrying about having enough left over? I’m here to tell you that all of these things can come true for you and faster than you may be thinking. You will be up and running in just a couple of days and start your video game business within three minutes from right now – with no second guessing yourself. This is a copy and paste formula that has proven itself over and over again and is responsible for the success of some of the biggest websites on the internet today. If you will stay with me just a little bit longer, I will show you more proof if you are having any doubts at all, I promise you they will be laid to rest in the next couple of minutes and certainly when you start tearing through the Video Game Godfather e-Course. You will be giving yourself the best knowledge available anywhere to thrive in the booming yet competitive video game industry. This is not some get rich quick scheme and it is not like anything you have ever seen before anywhere else. I have tax records and bank statements to prove every single claim I have made on this website. “In our view, the video game market is likely to grow at or above a 7.2 percent rate for the next 10 years, at least doubling over that time,” Michael Pachter Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst How to sell your products online without losing your ass to the competition. Buy cheaper, sell cheaper and spend less in advertising. Even get competitors to pay YOU! How to start your own video game website even with absolutely no knowledge of building a site. Be up and running in a day or two. How to automate large volume selling of video games on eBay and other online marketplaces. It doesn’t get any simpler than this. Right now, there are video game sellers making millions per year using these same tricks you will never learn reading their help pages. This alone is easily worth thousands! How to spot niche and sub-niche items and categories. Know what will be hot long before the competition. Step by Step guide from start to sick profits. Get your video game business up and running in a day or two. Simple enough for a third grader to implement. How to get your games in stock and not have to pay a dime upfront without dropshipping. How to make 1000% markups on some items and still undercut all the big stores you’ve heard of! How to start your business today, with no inventory to buy. Verified and tested dropshipping sources revealed carrying the hottest products in the industry! Proper marketing techniques for video game business. Immediately drive amazing levels of qualified BUYERS to your site! How to keep your customers coming back over and over again spending more each time. How to spot nosey competitors posing as customers and stop them dead in their tracks. How to get your cash flowing in quickly while avoiding costly mistakes. How to negotiate the best prices with your suppliers without being gouged into buying large minimum order quantities. How to buy brand new factory sealed video games for as low as $1.90 How to be quickly approved for all major credit cards to accept payments from your customers even if you have bad credit How to get below wholesale prices. You can buy inventory at a price that other sellers will be interested in buying from you. Get better wholesale prices than the big chain stores from their own suppliers! World’s best list of quality, reliable and tested video game dropshippers and wholesale suppliers! The three steps to start your business. All can be done in one day! Start making money tomorrow! *Personal Coaching! I will help you succeed! I will be their every step of the way if you ever need help. Talk either myself or one of my successful students live or through email. I want to make sure you have the best chance for success! * You are only eligible for personal coaching if you place your order within the next 24 hours. Excuse the expression, but I need to know whether you’re with me or not. Don’t waste your time reading anymore if you aren’t dead serious about destroying all and OWNING the market! Since you are still with me here, I can already tell you’re serious about starting or improving your video game business. You’re here now because you realize the importance in doing things right the first time. You must now choose whether you are going to become the next “Video Game Godfather” and join the ranks of the elite video game gurus, or if you will stumble around with the rest of the ‘sheep’ for a few years only to fizzle out of business or if you are extremely lucky, become “comfortable”. Unfortunately, in this competitive business, the odds are not in your favor unless you have a solid advantage on your side. Download the Video Game Godfather e-Course Now! Fortunately, I will be there to guide you every single step of the way until you make it if you take action today. The more successful you are, the more successful I am. Let me make one thing crystal clear. I can promise you, that you will never find another product like the Video Game Godfather Course online or anywhere else. This is a look under the hood that you will never get the chance to see again. The true nuts and bolts of the online video game industry! Due to the size of the industry, it is my experience that competition has never been a huge concern. Nor has it been for anyone I have ever helped. On top of that, most people who receive this course will never do a damn thing with it. And that’s fine. More room for the few that do. But sadly, most will never lift a finger to change their own lives. That’s just human nature. My advice to you is that if you are serious about getting into the business of buying wholesale video games and selling them online, is to actually use the Video Game Godfather course as an action plan. Follow it step by step and create yourself the living that you deserve doing something you love! After being spoon fed lies and being betrayed by vendors I was told I could trust, I have a score to settle. Because every person I help means less money for the big-box video game websites (many owned by those sleazy “wholesalers” that I found on those lists I bought). This is years in the making and stuffed with the latest information on how to quickly claim your share of the market. Download the Video Game Godfather e-Course Now! For access to the Video Game Godfather Course there is a one time access fee $49 (basically the price of one video game) and you will never be billed again. You will have instant access to every single tactic explained in detail, which are extremely simple to follow. You can start setting up your video game business in less than three minutes from right now and I will be practically holding your hand every simple step of the way. Jump right in to step one in chapter one and I will show you step by simple step – so you don’t have to stumble around losing time and money like I had to. And remember, if you get stuck, you will get my personal coaching bonus but only if you sign up within the next 24 hours. Why do video games do well during economic downturns? “People still want to be entertained and to enjoy a diversion from their everyday concerns.? A Quote from MSNBC Imagine holding the blueprints to your own online video game business and making money in just a few days. A business that is completely scalable. Run it small or grow it into a million dollar business like I did, your choice. I will put my money where my mouth is! Try the Video Game Godfather Course and if for ANY reason don’t agree its worth 1000 times the price, I will give you every red cent back immediately. I will also give you a full 60 days to review it. NO QUESTIONS ASKED, I will never ask for proof that you used it, no RMA numbers or other BS. When I say immediate refund, I mean, you email me and I refund you, that’s it. Click on the big blue instant access link below which will take you to our payment processor’s secure ordering page. You can pay with any credit card through Clickbank a trusted internet merchant processor since 1998. Once you pay, you will be given a link which will give you full immediate access to the Video Game Godfather e-Course. Download the Video Game Godfather e-Course Now! Order via Clickbank’s secure payment servers and get INSTANT ACCESS any time of the day or night. Sign up today and you’ll get the ultimate Video Game Godfather Course packed with top secret, insider information that no one else on the internet is offering for only $49. Less than the price for one video game or a dinner for two. Believe me, you will be thanking me soon enough. If you say yes, for a limited time only, you’ll also get: Updates for the Life of the Course – every time I update my guide, you get a free update. Never worry about falling behind again. Personal coaching is included to help you if you have questions or need guidance while starting or running your business. Don’t forget, it’s all 100% Risk Free! Order today and you’ll have 60 days to try out Video Game Godfather Course without any risk! Your payment will be processed immediately, using Clickbank, a highly trusted online retailer and will appear on your credit card or bank statement as CLKBANK*COM – Pay now, download now and start using my course in minutes. You can DOWNLOAD INSTANTLY the Video Game Godfather e-Course and start using secrets to make money within just a day or two! — Worldwide orders accepted 24/7 — Your products will be delivered in downloadable format for instant access immediately after your payment is approved. Download the Video Game Godfather e-Course Now! The Video Game Godfather e-Course is delivered to you in a .PDF file format and is compatible with both PC and MAC So for basically the price of one new video game, you get INSTANT ACCESS all of my insider tactics and carefully guarded secrets plus tricks of the trade for online video game businesses including priceless contact information of the world’s best suppliers and video game dropshippers, and video game wholesalers). This is no doubt, the BEST INVESTMENT you will EVER make in your business. And it’s all covered by our 60 DAY IRON CLAD NO RISK GUARANTEE. Don’t wait even a day to order, I will not be offering this for long at this price, so ORDER NOW! For a short time I am offering registration for Price Guaranteed Through 11:59 PM: June 07, 2016 Membership can be purchased anytime, even if it’s 2am – We reserve the right to discontinue this offering at any time – The video game marketplace will fill up quickly with these tactics being offered to the public. When we deem that the marketplace can not bare any more, THIS PRODUCT WILL BE MADE UNAVAILABLE. Security Notice: When you click the order button you will be sent to Clickbank’s secure ordering form and should look like the image below: Look forward to hearing from you! Peace, Video Game Godfather P.S. Don’t put yourself through the agony of struggle like I did. You hold the key in your hands right now to blow past it and actually see what it takes and perhaps become the next “Video Game Godfather”. I would be proud to have your testimonial right here on this page with the others. P.P.S. Remember if you order today, I will be there every step of the way with my personal coaching, but you must order now. “Clearly, 2009 was tough year for consumers and the national economy. However, the bigger picture is one that underscores the industry’s strength; 2009 and 2008 were the highest grossing years in our industry’s history,” Michael D. Gallagher, president and CEO of the Entertainment Software Association

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